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The Czech company SAFEBOXES, s. r. o. offers both companies and individuals the opportunity to rent their own safe deposit box to store documents, jewellery, cash and other valuables. The safe consists of more than 4,000 safe deposit boxes of various sizes. We guarantee insurance of each box up to CZK 500,000. Of course, it is possible to take out separate supplementary insurance.

The service is distinguished by absolute safety and non-stop access to your own property. Without limitations, bureaucracy and delays. Everything is 100% anonymous.




Slavomír Kovalčík


  • An expert with more than 30 years of experience in security forces and commercial security services
  • The founder and co-owner of SafeBoxes.cz

Ownership structure

SafeBoxes.cz is operated by SAFEBOXES s.r.o., which is part of the SALIRIONE SE financial and investment group.



Certificates can be downloaded HERE.




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