Your own
safe deposit

The first fully robotic safe in Brno. You don’t report to anyone and are not subject to control. The anonymous rental you need. Try it for free for three months.

“SafeBoxes provided me with a safe place to deposit blank bills of exchange.”

“I’ve been involved in numismatics my whole life and I’d never forgive myself if something happened to my collection.”

“It’s the perfect money safe. I always have cash on hand and I’m no longer stressed about having it at home.”

Why rent a safe deposit box?

Everyone has assets that must not fall into the wrong hands. Metals, jewellery, documents, data discs or family heirlooms. But where to put them? A small cheap safe hidden at the bottom of a cabinet can be easily found and opened.

Don’t let thieves take you by surprise. The safe deposit box is hidden in a safe deep underground and can be accessed only by its authorised owner. You can rent it for months and years. Security features: keys, card, PIN, fingerprint, remote control via SMS.

How it works


You can deposit and collect your property at any time. Day and night, weekdays and holidays. Safe deposit boxes are accessible 24/7.


The system is fully automated. You can control everything yourself, from entering the parking lot to handling the box. You don’t have to wait for anyone, no one checks you.


The content of each box is insured up CZK 500,000 by default. You can also take out supplementary insurance up to CZK 10,000,000. If supplementary insurance is arranged, you’ll receive an insurance certificate from UNIQA.


The Class 7 safe comes from the Swedish manufacturer Gunnebo, the world leader in security. It is protected by double sheathing, surveillance and other systems directly connected to the Police of the Czech Republic.

Protection from
the elements

Neither fire nor water can damage the safe. It is insulated and equipped with a fire-fighting system based on oxygen reduction, which does not degrade the contents of the boxes when activated.


The safe is permanently locked to ensure its impregnability. Unlike the bank, no one enters it because the boxes are handled exclusively by a robot.

Stop worrying about your valuables.
Try Safeboxes.