How it works

Deposit whenever you want.
Collect whenever you want. Without limits.

Everything is handled in just a few minutes

You can rent a safe deposit box in person at our branch or online. If you open an account online, you will collect your keys and security card from us on your first visit. You will sign the necessary documents, and we will show you how it works – that’s it. Further visits are completely on your own account.

You can come anytime,
we are open 24/7

The dispensing system for safe deposit boxes is fully robotic, so you can time anytime you want. The SafeBoxes branch is located on London Square in Brno, which can be conveniently accessed from the highway or by public transport. The safe is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Only you can access it

Each box is protected by a combination of security features owned and known only to its user. To enter the dispensing room, you identify yourself with a card. Inside, you enter your PIN and fingerprint on the terminal and unlock the box with a key. Continuous supervision is ensured by a remote SMS control service. You will receive a system notification every time the box is handled.

Protected by guards and the Police of the Czech Republic

The system meets the most demanding security requirements. In addition, it is connected to the central security station of the Police of the Czech Republic. Moreover, security guards are present on site at all hours of the day and night.

A box that no one knows about

The safekeeping of property in a bank vault is not effectively anonymous. Banks are obliged to provide information to the CNB register, which is consulted by distrainors and the police. If you rent a safe deposit box in a bank, everyone will know. In SafeBoxes, however, you will remain anonymous as we are not subject to the reporting obligation. We don’t share information about box owners with anyone.

Business handled on the spot

Visit the branch with your business partner. SafeBoxes offers a protected meeting room, possibly with refreshments, where you can take care of everything you need. There is no need to carry your property elsewhere.

Rent escort services

Clients can make use of our escort services while on the way to or from the safe.

Stop worrying about your valuables.
Try Safeboxes.