How do I set up a safe deposit box?

You can rent a safe deposit box at our branch or online. When ordering online, you first provide your personal data, choose the number of boxes, their size, duration of their rental and, as the case may be, additional security features. In the next step, you choose the payment method. The account will be activated no sooner than after a short visit to the branch. You can then use your safe deposit box without limitation.

What data do I provide upon registration?

You need to provide your name, surname, address, phone number and e-mail address.

Do I have to go to a personal meeting even if I set up the account online? How long does it take?

Yes, you must sign the documents in person. Then you’ll receive the security card and keys. The whole process doesn’t take more than 15 minutes. It is the first and last meeting you have to attend before you can use your safe deposit box.

For how long can I rent a safe deposit box?

You cant rent a safe deposit box for a month, three months, six months, a year up to seven years. The rental period can be extended as needed. You can also terminate the rental of a safe deposit box and restore your account later.

Do I receive any statements or confirmations for renting a safe deposit box?

No, the service is completely discrete. We will upload all the documentation to your account. We will only print out contractual documents if requested.

How is the safe deposit box secured?

You can only access the box if you have the card, keys and know your PIN. For a fee, you can select additional security features in the user account: fingerprint and remote control via SMS. This means that you will receive a notification every time someone uses your box.

Can I authorise another person to access the safe deposit box?

Yes. The person will receive their own card and PIN, both of which must be collected at the branch. You can consent to other people having access to the box online in the user account. There, you will also see a complete list of authorised persons and their activities.

What should I do if I lose my security card?

Call us and we will block it, or you can block it yourself in your account. To issue a new one, you need to log in to the system and request an appointment, or we will handle everything in person at the branch. We do not send security cards by post.

How do I extend my safe deposit box rental?

We will notify you of the subscription’s expiry in good time. If the advance invoice is paid properly, we will automatically extend the safe deposit box rental.

I don’t want to extend the safe deposit box rental, until when do I have to collect its contents?

You have to vacate the box as of the last day of the rental. If you don’t do so, the box will be allocated to you for another 3 months from the end of the subscription. If you don’t collect the contents within this period, we will open the box in front of a commission, make an inventory of the property and store it at your expense for another 3 years. If you collect the contents of the box in time, all you have to hand over to us is the security keys. You can keep the card – it will be blocked until the next activation.

You have to vacate the box as of the last day of the rental. If you don’t do so, the box will be allocated to you for another 3 months from the end of the subscription. If you don’t collect the contents within this period, we will open the box in front of

Liquids, flammables, explosives, weapons, perishables and items the storage of which is in conflict with generally binding regulations, such as drugs, medicines and others, are prohibited.

What is the load-carrying capacity of the safe deposit box?

All boxes, regardless of the selected size, have a load-carrying capacity of 25 kg. If the contents stored by you exceed the limit, the system will notify you. In that case, the box will be stored in the safe, but you can damage the transport lift and cause damage of up to CZK 100,000. The situation can be solved by renting more boxes.

I am an entrepreneur. Can I deduct the safe deposit box rental from taxes?

Yes, safe deposit boxes represent tax-deductible expenses.

Are SafeBoxes truly anonymous? Who can find out I have a box with you and how?

To create an account, you need to provide your personal data. However, the service is anonymous in the sense that SafeBoxes, unlike banks, is not subject to the reporting obligation imposed by the CNB. The CNB is entitled to request banks to provide information on the owners of safe deposit boxes. SafeBoxes, however, doesn’t have this obligation and doesn’t provide data to anyone.

Who else can access my safe deposit box?

No one. Only the authorised owner who owns and knows the unique combination of all access elements can call the safe deposit box. The system doesn’t allow you to call the box with a different PIN or card.

Under what circumstances is the safe opened?

The safe is permanently closed because it is operated exclusively by a robot. It is opened only in exceptional cases, such as service actions or failure to collect the contents of the box after the expiry of the subscription and the subsequent protection period (3 months). In such situations, entry is subject to a strict security protocol – it takes place only in the presence of all authorised persons, is supervised by a camera system and security guards, and according to applicable standards, a notary is present on site.

I’m interested in supplementary insurance. Will I remain anonymous?

Yes, in this case, we take out the supplementary insurance with Uniqa in our name. Your name will not appear anywhere. The certificate confirming the insurance of a specific safe deposit box will be uploaded to your account within a week.

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